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5 Architectural Design Flaws To Avoid When Building Or Buying A Home

Whether you’re building or buying a home, you certainly want to watch out for architectural design flaws. They are most common in homes that people have built themselves, without the help of professional contractors. Avoiding these costly mistakes adds to the value of a property and maintains better functionality within your home. What are some of the most common architectural design flaws in homes? 

Insufficient Lighting

Adequate lighting in each room within a home is important, and needs vary. Smaller rooms require less lighting, and certain types of rooms, like bedrooms, require less lighting than kitchens. Ceiling height also plays a factor, as does the number of windows in a room and their placement. 

There is also a difference between artificial light and natural light. The natural light that makes its way into different rooms within your home helps make those living spaces appear much less confined. For example, you want the option of being able to enjoy extra natural light in your living room at times.

Bad Air Circulation

House ventilation is very important, but it often is not addressed properly. HVAC systems help with ventilation, but they are not able to do all the work. A good ventilation system is required. You want you and your family to be comfortable, and a house without proper ventilation is going to make you miserable on those hot days. 

Good ventilation systems keep the air flowing and eliminate foul odors, too. They also protect bathrooms, eliminating excess moisture and preventing the buildup of mold and mildew. 

Bad Kitchen Design

Do you prioritize your kitchen? If you are an avid cook, chances are this architectural design flaw might not make the list for you; however, it happens all too often for homeowners out there. People fail to recognize how important the kitchen is within a home. Whether you cook often or not, the kitchen houses major appliances, and a solid design and layout is absolutely necessary. 

You need plenty of working space, and you need to be able to move about freely. Furthermore, the kitchen design should be based on how you and your family carry themselves in the kitchen. You want to be able to move about preparing meals seamlessly. Not only do you want plenty of working space, but you also want plenty of counter space, too. 

Storage Space

Everyone needs storage space, right? While storage space is important, too much storage space can be a problem. If you end up with extra storage space you do not need, you are going to compromise your comfort. Additionally, leftover storage space invites clutter. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are building your dream home or buying an existing property, you want to watch out for these architectural design flaws. Your home is a safe haven for you and your family. You want to enjoy your home to the utmost, and this means you need the best functional living spaces. With adequate lighting, a solid kitchen layout, proper storage, and good air circulation and ventilation, you’re off to a great start.

If you have already bought a property or have completed a project  that has this architectural designs flaws. You can seek the guidance of construction expert witness Sydney. They can walk you through the process on how to identify construction defects.